Surrey CBT landscape


The number of CBT sessions you need can vary, depending upon the kind of difficulty you need help with, the severity and duration of the problem and on other factors in your life that may be contributing to the problem. Generally treatment is between five and 20 weekly sessions lasting 60 minutes each.

CBT is a very collaborative therapy and we will continually review goals and progress. During our sessions I will regularly check out your experience of the therapy to ensure that you feel that the work we are doing together is as helpful as possible for you. Whilst your weekly therapy session is the focus point of treatment, your willingness to put techniques into practice during the week is the key to success and a shorter term treatment!

Each week we will agree upon actions you can take before the next session to increase your knowledge and skills in overcoming your problem. Together we will identify the CBT techniques and approaches that best fit you as an individual. I will also direct you towards relevant therapy resources (e.g. books and websites).

Treatment sessions are charged at £95 per hour.


CBT is considered a brief psychological therapy, generally over weeks and months rather than years. The aim of treatment is not only to help you to overcome your problem but to enable you to maintain your well-being in the future by ‘becoming your own therapist’ (i.e. To have developed a good understanding of the causes of your original problem, what kept it going, as well as being clear about the things that help and hinder your recovery).

With this in mind I will help you to compile a Wellness Plan- tailored to you as a unique individual. This will include a range of techniques and resources that you can use to manage your well-being once therapy ends.