Surrey CBT landscape

Your CBT assessment session will be for 60 – 75 minutes. I will take a detailed history of the problem as well as asking for information about how it is affecting you currently. I will check your suitability for treatment and will ensure you are fully informed about what treatment involves before you commit to a block of treatment sessions.

Obviously there can be no guarantee of treatment success in any talking therapy. I will agree to work with people where I think there is a good likelihood of significant improvement. If I think that there are factors that may limit the likelihood of improvement I will inform you of this.

At assessment we will set out the goals that you want to achieve and agree upon a realistic number of sessions to book in. If progress is faster or slower than expected sessions can be cancelled or added in as needed.

The charge for an assessment session is £95. If either of us decides at the end of the assessment session that we should not proceed with treatment I do not charge for my time.